Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cake for breakfast?

Thats right Shannon made a Fat Tues cake. Put one nut in it and forced us to eat it at 10 pm when the masterpiece was completed. We each had a slice, Randy got the nut and was the big winner and according to New Orleans tradition he is now going to have a great year. The only down side of this is that according to tradition, Randy will now have to bake next years King Cake!!!! Yikes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Top secret

I have been sewing tons. I have a new machine that I got about 2 years ago and we all love it. With all the new babies this year I have been sewing up a storm. This is a pick of the project I am working on now for a certain new baby in the family. When Laurel or Hilary come to visit I think they are secretly coming to visit my sewing machine and serger :) Since my back surgery in July my back is doing great and the last couple of months I have been able to get back to sewing. I have been making quilts and recently made one for Melissa. It has been a learning experience and I am having fun. The primary colored baby blanket is Otsy's.

we are setting up my moms ipad for blogger

This is Shannon. Typing with one hand and holding otsy with the other. Enjoy the pics of otsy and aj. W took them today.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My four week vacation???

Guess how old??

I was away for the month of May, helping with Ethan and Brad while Melissa was in the hospital. She gave us all a huge scare but we forgive her since she is doing very well now. I stayed to help take care of Melissa for 2 weeks after she got out of the hospital. All in all I had a good visit with everyone. I did alot of planting while I was there. I planted their garden and did some landscaping in the front yard. They got a green house from a friend and Brad fixed it all up. Melissa and I made lots of thank you notes as she has many great friends and family that came to their aid and were very wonderful through the whole ordeal. Ethan and I went to a movie and a couple of hikes and had fun together. I loved being there to help, but I was glad to come home.

How does your garden grow?

While I was in Washington for a month, Randy planted our garden with the help of his sister Rochelle. We had the fence built before I left. Now I am excited about gardening because I will no longer be feeding the deer and elk. bon appetit